Y2K: A Reasoned Response to Mass Hysteria by Dave Hunt

Hunt takes a far more moderate approach than many to the computer glitch now referred to as Y2K. He quotes generously from those who foresee great disaster as the world approaches the year 2000, but he firmly disagrees with their scenario. The views of the doomsayers are based, Hunt believes, on misinformation and/or dated reports. If all the facts are gathered, and the many “silver bullets” are factored in, the author believes Y2K would be foreseen as a bump in the road, not a catastrophic cavern looming just ahead waiting to swallow all of civilization.

This book is well footnoted and documented, as are all of Hunt’s works. Hunt does tend to go off on tangents, write in circles and repeat the same information throughout the book. But he gets his thesis across, and his judgment is well worth considering. Personally, I believe that Hunt is right on the money.

Unfortunately Hunt is at his worse when he examined Scripture. The author is a pretribulationist, but he confuses many Scriptures that speak of the rapture with those that speak of Christ’s Second Coming. This is especially true of the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24,25). As a result Hunt believes that Jesus was giving signs that would precede the rapture, signs, which the author believes, are rapidly coming to pass. The rapture must take place very soon, Hunt believes, since all the signs point to this event. Then, based on passages such as I Thessalonians 5:1ff he teaches that world peace is one of the necessary components that will precede the rapture. How does all of this relate to Y2K? Based upon his eschatology Y2K cannot happen, it is biblically impossible. Hunt writes, “That being the case, we have a biblical reason for knowing that the incredible Y2K disaster being trumpeted will not occur. Nor can Dave Wilkerson’s stock market crash and God’s righteous judgment being poured out upon America and the world take place until after the Rapture” (p.190; cf. pp.172, 194, 197). This is purely bad exegesis and akin to date setting. It is unfortunate that Hunt included this material, but it does not detract from his well-reasoned argument concerning Y2K.

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