What You Need to Know about Jesus in Twelve Lessons by Max Anders

This book is part of a larger ten part series called “What You Need to Know.” Other titles include subjects such as God, the Holy Spirit, the church and salvation. They can be read for personal enrichment or used as a study guide for a Bible study or Sunday school class, since each chapter includes helpful study and discussion questions at the end.

This particular volume is well written, interesting and accurate. Some of the stories and applications offered are of limited value but can be quickly skimmed by those uninterested. The book shines in the doctrinal sections as Anders gives solid instruction on the subject of Christology. He also recommends supplemental reading for those wishing to pursue this subject further.

My one complaint is that some of Anders’ heroes and quotes are taken from unbelievers and those espousing false doctrine. Why, I often wonder, do so many evangelical writers throw Mother Teresa up as the prime example of a Christian? Do they not know what she believed and taught – a totally works based combination of Roman Catholicism and New Age? And has the author read Chicken Soup for the Soul? If so, he knows that it’s concepts are not compatible with the Scriptures.

With discernment, this would be a very useful aid for the teacher of Junior High age on up.

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