What the Bible Teaches About Guidance by Peter Bloomfield

Having just published a book on the subject of “God’s will,” entitled Is That You Lord?, with Evangelical Press, I was eager to read Bloomfield’s book, by the same publisher on the same subject. I am happy to report that our books dovetail nicely. While somewhat different approaches were taken, we arrived at the same conclusion—that Scripture alone is sufficient for guidance in the life of the believer.

One helpful insight not found in my book is an excellent critique of Wayne Grudem’s New Testament prophecy theory. Grudem has taught, and Christendom has accepted, that during the New Testament era (aka the church age) God is still giving prophecies. However, unlike those given during Old Testament dispensations those prophecies may be partially inaccurate and/or misunderstood by the prophet. Bloomfield does a fine job poking holes in this theory.

Overall, What the Bible Teaches About Guidance is an excellent book, thoroughly biblical and to the point. I recommend it. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you read my book as well.

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