What on Earth Is God Doing? by Renald E. Showers

This book provides a biblical answer and reveals Satan’s counterfeit to the three major worldview questions: Where have we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? (p. 128). The Lord has a plan and a goal for all of His creation, and it is these that Satan makes every attempt to thwart. Since God’s ultimate purpose is made possible only through the Redeemer, the devil focuses much of his attention on subverting, or even attempting to eliminate, the Savior. What on Earth Is God Doing? traces this conflict between God and Satan through history.

Showers understands all of history in light of this conflict and, therefore, reads both biblical accounts and historical events through this lens. This being the case, the author often does not proof-text many of his statements but sees events in light of his understanding of this conflict. For example, concerning Cain’s murder of Abel, Showers writes, “Thus the first murder in history was committed because of Satan’s goal to prevent the Redeemer’s coming” (p. 21). The biblical text does not actually give this as the reason for Cain’s actions, but it is a reasonable assumption based upon the bigger picture of our understanding of Satan and his efforts as outlined in Scripture. Showers sees the major events of our world within this pattern of spiritual struggle. While the details are hidden from man, nevertheless Ephesians 6:12-18, among other scriptures, give us a peek behind the curtain to reveal the reality. At the same time we must be careful to note that the devil and God are not equal entities. Satan is a created being who will eventually be vanquished. But for now our Lord has chosen to allow the devil to be the “god of this age.”

Showers devotes each of his nine chapters to distinct periods of time. The first four chapters discuss the biblical accounts while the next four trace the divine/satanic battle throughout church history, as Showers interprets these events. The last chapter returns to Scripture, examining the prophetic sections which describes the Lord’s final victory over Satan and his schemes, and the setting up of God’s kingdom on earth.

What on Earth Is God Doing? provides a helpful short overview of major events and movements throughout human history from a solid dispensational perspective. It pulls back the curtain on these events to reveal the spiritual battles behind the scenes. This helps the reader to understand more clearly that life is not random but has divine purpose.

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