What Love is This? by Dave Hunt

Hunt is a man who writes with passion and conviction. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, there is never a doubt that he is leading with his heart. That is not to say that his mind is not engaged, quite the contrary – there are few authors who do as much copious research as Hunt. This 400-page book is full of footnotes as Hunt draws from dozens of authors on all sides of the issue.

The issue is an attack on Calvinism. In a personal conversation with Hunt he told me his book would make me a zero point Calvinist, and while it certainly did not do that Hunt does land some solid blows, especially in the areas of limited atonement and the extreme teachings of some regarding perseverance. This leads to one of the problems with this type of book, the subject is just too vast and there is too much diversity even within Calvinism to do justice to the many views. As a result straw men and extreme positions too often are attacked.

There is far too much to critique here. For those interested, I would point you to the debate that has already begun between Hunt and Calvinist, James White. These men intend to go at each other on the Internet and possibly in book form. Their arguments can be found on White’s website. I would only mention that I do not believe Hunt spent nearly enough time addressing the pertinent Scriptures, choosing rather to address the writings of important Calvinists throughout the ages. There is value in that, but the real question is whether Calvinism or any other system holds water biblically. Concerning this topic Hunt did not win his case, but he does raise some important issues that should be carefully analyzed by the reader.

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