What Every Christian Needs to Know About Social Justice by Jeffrey D. Johnson

Tom Ascol, in his recommendation of this short volume, writes that it will be “the first book I recommend to believers who want a trustworthy introduction to [the social justice] movement.” Ascol’s endorsement would summarize my thoughts as well. Jeffrey Johnson highlights many of the key issues in the social justice debate drawing distinctions between biblical views and critical theory on depravity, authority, God, objective meaning and justice (pp. 64-86). He traces critical theory to Marxism and the Frankfurt School, which developed social Marxism (pp. 62-73). In addition, the author clearly defines many of the key terms used by social justice advocates, terms unfamiliar to most people until recently.  More than that, a handy glossary of these terms is included (pp. 125-127).

What Every Christian. . . is both informative and alarming. The reader will be educated about the social justice platform and warned of its design for culture and the world. Johnson presents a worst case scenario and not every reader, even those concerned about Critical Race Theory, will agree at every point. However, the book is a valuable primer to understanding the Social Justice Movement and its dangers.

What Every Christian Needs to Know About Social Justice, by Jeffrey D. Johnson (Conway, AR: Free Grace Press, 2021) 131 pp. + XIX, paper $14.00.

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor/teacher at Southern View Chapel.