War of Words by Paul David Tripp

Words are powerful. Words are dangerous. Few things in life have more potential for both good and evil as the tongue. For this reason Scripture has much to say about our speech, and endless books of all stripes have been written on communication. Of such books that I have read I believe War of Words is the most valuable.

First of all, Tripp is biblical. He writes not from a psychological but a scriptural perspective. He lets the Word rebuke, correct, teach and train us. Secondly, Tripp is transparent. I truly enjoy reading a book in which the author admits his own struggle with compliance to what he knows is true. Tripp fills the book with examples of his own battles and failures with words. He is, like us, not a finished project. He too is in process.

Next, War of Words is practical. While tethered tightly to the Scriptures, Tripp nevertheless is able to put a face on the issues. He used many illustrations of others who deal with the same temptations as ours. Some fail, others succeed, but they are people who live where we live and we relate to them.

Paul David Tripp has written a helpful book which will be put to great use in the lives of many.

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