Uneclipsing the Son by Rick Holland, The Woodlands, TX: Lress Biblical Resources, 2011, 146 pp. paper $12.00

Uneclipsing the Son offers a simple, solid reminder that the Christian life is all about Christ.  In the clutter of living this is a message that we all need to hear.  Holland’s thesis is that in the many activities and options available to the believer our focus on Christ is easily eclipsed.  Sin, in particular, causes Christians to lose their passion for the Lord.  To “uneclipse” the Son it is necessary to step back and “recalibrate, refocus, re-energize, renew and recommit” (p. 111).  Holland offers many suggestions on how to do this including remembering the gospel (pp. 14-23), renewing affection for Christ (p. 66), fighting sin (pp. 86-89) and understanding and participating in the Lord’s Table, to which he devotes a whole chapter (pp. 111-121).

Uneclipsing the Son is good stuff—biblical, practical, easy to read, and providing a message that we all need to take to heart.  This would be a good book for a new Christian to help him begin his walk with Christ on the right foot.  It would be equally beneficial for the veteran believer to remind him what life is all about: Christ. 

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