Truth Decay by Douglas Groothuis

This is an absolutely marvelous defense of truth in our age of postmodernity. Groothuis cuts right through the rhetoric and pierces the very heart of postmodernists, both outside and within the evangelical church. He deals well with both the philosophical – the elite who challenge objective truth, and the practical – the filtering down of these concepts into the lives of Christians. He ably shows how postmodernism is the foundation for the market-driven approach to church life. And he exposes forces such as television for their part in the popularizing of these ideas.

There were only two areas for concern and caution, which I found in Truth Decay. In chapter 10 Groothuis makes his case for objective beauty. While I enjoyed reading and considering his views, I believe that he was reaching considerably, and in no way proved his case to any but those already in agreement. Of far greater import was his defense of egalitarianism in chapter 9, of which he and his wife are strong proponents. Egalitarianism found its way into Truth Decay because of the claim of some that it is an outgrowth of postmodern theory. This was easily the weakest part of the book.

Otherwise, this is a book to be devoured by Christian leaders serious about truth, and its defense.

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