The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ,by Yusufu Turaki, (Nairobi, Kenya: WordAlive Publishers Limited, 2006), 127 pp., paper $8.99

I was first introduced to Turaki via his marvelous little book, Foundations of African Traditional Religion and Worldview, a book that is a must read for anyone engaged in African ministry. Turaki, an African theologian and professor of theology and social ethics, in The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ has written a concise, compact Christology applicable for anyone, but especially geared for the African church.

Turaki states that the purpose of his book “is to develop a biblical basis and foundation for presenting and proclaiming Jesus the Messiah as the only valid, authentic and unique Saviour of the whole world and the Mediator between God and man” (p. 5). Turaki then organizes his book by chapter around Jesus as the Messiah, as the Christ, as Mediator and as Redeemer. He also writes concerning the ingredients of salvation, the mission of the church, Christianity in the midst of cultural and religious plurality, and the uniqueness of Christ in the context of pluralistic cultures and religions.

The author suggests three observable responses to the uniqueness of Christ: exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism (pp. 111-112). Championing exclusivism, Turaki writes that “our primary objective in this book is to develop a biblical and theological basis for the unique Christ for salvation in our pluralistic world” (p. 96). This reviewer believes he has accomplished his objective, although the author makes a confusing statement on baptism (pp. 46-48) and another on the church transforming the world (p. 97) that beg further explanation.

Overall, The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ is a solid, if quick, read on the person and work of our Lord.

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-teacher, Southern View Chapel

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