The Truth War by John MacArthur

The Truth War is a serious call to arms against false teachers that are infiltrating the church today. Based loosely on Jude 3-4, MacArthur demonstrates the vital importance and urgent need “to earnestly contend for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.” MacArthur believes the evangelical movement today is in deep trouble due to biblical illiteracy and a willingness to tolerate heresy. The antidote is to once again affirm the absolute centrality of the place of truth in our faith. Truth must not and can not be shoved aside as extra baggage. Rather than being trivialized it must again take center stage in the life of the church.

In this volume rather than targeting a particular movement or concern the author takes a scatter-gun approach. He discusses the emergent church movement, John Armstrong’s theological flip-flop, the dangers of both modernity and postmodernity, ancient and current Gnosticism, the “Prayer of Jabez,” the “Purpose Driven Life” and the need for proper hermeneutics. In addition, there are a couple of expositional chapters on the epistle of Jude and a quick run through of the heresies of ancient church history.

MacArthur moves rapidly and paints broadly as he details the many concerns he rightly believes faces God’s people today. The Truth War is worth a careful reading for its content as well as for its inspiration to hold the biblical line against the wolves that are springing up among the flock of God in the twenty-first century.

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