The Sovereignty and Supremacy of King Jesus, Bowing to the Gracious Despot by Mike Abendroth, (Ryelands Road, UK: Day One Publications), pp. 239, $11.99.

Steven Lawson states in the forward of this book, “The foundational truth of all Christian theology is that bedrock doctrine of all doctrines: the sovereignty of God over the entire universe” (p. 11).  Abendroth attempts to flesh out this thesis by tracing the concept of Jesus as king throughout the Bible.  The word “king” is found in the NKJV 2237 times in 1801 verses; it is obviously a huge subject in the Bible.  Of course not all of these references speak of the Son, but Jesus’ role as king is well established in Scripture.  Abendroth makes his case for the sovereignty of Jesus over all things in part one, consisting of four chapters.  In part two he makes application, providing helpful chapters on preaching (6-7), prayer (8), worship (10) and the Lord’s return (11). 

Abendroth is a strong Calvinist which is evident throughout, but especially in chapter nine on election.  His quotes from Calvin and many other Calvinists, especially Spurgeon, are extensive and Appendix Four is a seventeen page reprint of one of Spurgeon’s sermons.  The author also takes a strong “Lordship Salvation” position which he renames “Kingship Salvation” (chapter five). 

Abendroth is prone to making strong comments that reflect more his preferences than Scripture.  One example, “Do not ever say to your pastor, ‘That was a great sermon,’ because he might just respond with, ‘So what are you going to do about it’” (p. 144).  But there is no question that Abendroth is passionate about the great doctrine of God’s sovereignty.

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