The Quest for Revival by Ron McIntosh

The thesis of this book, written by a Pentecostal evangelist with strong ties to Oral Roberts, is that we can learn much, and be empowered by, the revivals of the past. The “revivals” that McIntosh has in mind, however, are the healing revivals of the twentieth century, principally those of the 1940s and 50s.

The Quest for Revival chronicles the lives of the healing evangelists and gives brief histories of strong movements within Pentecostalism. While the book is a tragedy with regards to biblical truth there are two areas in which I give the author high marks. First, he provides an interesting, if biased, study of people and events related to the revivals under consideration. Secondly, McIntosh is willing to expose the failures of his heroes, even if his explanation for their failures misses the mark.

Unless someone is doing research on this subject, The Quest for Revival can be safely left unread.

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