The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges

Although Bridges wrote The Pursuit of Holiness in 1978 it remains a helpful and pertinent tool in the Christian’s progress toward godliness.  It offers profound yet simple and practical discernment into how the child of God is to grow in Christ-likeness.

“To be holy is to be morally blameless,” Bridges tells us.  “It is to be separated from sin and, therefore, consecrated to God” (p. 19).  Few would argue with this definition; the problem is in the “How?”  To this question many opinions and theological systems have been offered throughout the ages.  Bridges presents a solid and biblical balance between “just do it” and “let go and let God” (pp. 21, 53-54, 82-85).  Since much errant teaching has been promoted at these two extremes, I found Bridges’ explanations to be one of the most helpful parts of his book.

Another valuable balance is struck in relationship to holiness and salvation. While the new convert might have little concept or desire for holiness at the moment of conversion, it is altogether doubtful that one is truly regenerate in which the Holy Spirit does not create a desire for holiness in time (p. 39).

Personally, I deeply appreciated the insight that both indwelling sin and Satan work largely through our desires and emotions, while Scripture appeals to our minds (pp. 65, 128).  This is a thought well worth pondering.

While Bridges made a few questionable remarks about the Holy Spirit’s leading (see pp. 22, 28, 100), these are minor concerns in the overall value of this little book.

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