The Pocket Prophecy Series by Thomas Ice and Timothy Demy

Ice and Demy have teamed up to write numerous booklets on prophetic topics. The booklets written so far are:

· The Truth About the Tribulation

· The Truth About the Rapture

· The Truth About the Millennium

· The Truth About 2000 A.D. & Predicting Christ’s Return

· The Truth About the Antichrist and His Kingdom

· The Truth About the Last Days’ Temple

All volumes are less than fifty pages long and are written from a dispensational perspective. Developed in a question and answer format, the authors answer most questions on the given subject, in a style that is easy to read. The booklets do not go into great detail (obviously) nor do they offer a defense against those who take other positions. I find these little volumes highly useful as a quick overview of eschatological issues.

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