The Plan of Salvation by Benjamin B. Warfield

The chapters of this book are devoted not to the discussion of soteriology in general but to “The Order of Decrees.” Warfield, the great Princeton theologian, takes a five-point Calvinistic, supralapsarian position. Along the way he deals with Pelagianism, Sacerdotalists, Arminians, Amyraldianism, Synergism and other lapsarian views. At issue is, “Whether the redemptive work of Christ actually saves those for whom it is wrought, or only opens a possibility of salvation to them” (p.24). In the chapter on Calvinism, Warfield allows others, such as those who deny limited atonement, to be in the Calvinist camp, but only as inconsistent brethren who “strike at the very heart of Calvinism” (p.94).

This is not a nightstand book, but it is excellent even if one does not agree in all points with Warfield.