The Mantra of Jabez by Douglas M. Jones

This is an absolutely hilarious (I laughed until I cried) parody of Bruce Wilkinson’s, The Prayer of Jabez. Jones, pretending to be Wilkinson, pokes fun at the ridiculousness and superficiality of the original book, and in doing so reveals just how unscriptural The Prayer of Jabez is. Jabez lovers will surely be offended by The Mantra, but perhaps they will pause long enough to recognize the gaping holes in Wilkinson’s teachings. The author has done the church a service by writing this little 52-page booklet.

It should be mentioned that Jones’s own theology is suspect. Since he is poking fun at everything that moves it is hard to pin down his own views, but he definitely is not pre-trib in eschatology, he seems to stand behind a social agenda for the church rather than the spreading of the gospel, and he may even question faith-alone as the means of salvation (p.11).

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