The Joy of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges

The fear of the Lord, while a major topic in Scripture, is not a particularly popular theme among Christians today. For this reason alone this volume is a welcomed addition to our reading list and Bridges, who has spent a lifetime studying and writing about God, has much to offer on the subject.

Bridges defines the fear of the Lord as the combination of three elements: “Respect (which toward God means reverence) in recognition of His infinite worth and dignity, admiration of His glorious attributes, and amazement at His infinite love” (p. 26). With this definition in mind Bridges spends four chapters portraying the majesty of God by tracing the greatness, holiness, wisdom and love of God in Scripture. The rest of the book deals with our response to this awesome God.

The Joy of Fearing God is not a technical work and does not handle with detail the thorny problems which we tend to face (such as how God guides us or the issue of pain and suffering). It is more of a devotional work drawing us to the heart of God. It is filled with Scripture, excellent quotes from Christian thinkers, and many thoughts about God and living for Him well worth pondering. In addition a study guide is included for those interested in using the book for a Bible study.

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