The History of Think on These Things

(June 2005 – Volume 11, Issue 6) 

This past winter Think on These Things Ministries quietly celebrated its 10-year anniversary. As we take time to reflect back over this past decade, we marvel at the many dear and like-minded friends who have partnered with us to ring loud the timeless and uncompromising truths of the precious Word of God. In this month’s edition of Think on These Things we thought it might be enjoyable to share with you the many exciting ways God has used this humble, yet vital outreach ministry of Southern View Chapel for His glory.

TOTT Staff
Front (L to R): Kris Cole, Linda Kestner, Bev Byerline, Esther Rader
(Office Staff); Marsha Gilley, Proof Reader
Back (L to R): Doug Kestner, Multimedia; Dave Cunningham,
Director of Operations; Don Rader, Editor; Doug Cantrall, Editor;
Gary Gilley, General Editor & Author
Not Pictured: Angie Hodel, Proof Reader


Many of you are aware that Think on These Things originally began in 1994 as a one-page paper created for a mission agency, who wanted to keep their missionaries informed of the theological landscape in America and around the world. From the time of the writing of that first paper by Pastor Gary Gilley until now, we have seen God abundantly bless. Today, Think on These Things has grown into a comprehensive ministry anchored by its eight-page monthly publication that consistently deals head-on with difficult contemporary theological issues and is sent to subscribers in nearly every state in the U.S. and to numerous countries around the world. Through the periodic gifts of our readers, the financial support of Southern View Chapel and the revenues generated from our book sales, we are still thankfully able to provide this ongoing resource at no charge to our subscribers.

In addition to our monthly publication, the growing umbrella of Think on These Things Ministries now includes our weekly television program, our extensive Bible conference ministry and the ongoing writing and teaching ministry of Southern View Chapel’s Senior Pastor, Gary Gilley.

Below are some of the highlights of the ministry over these past ten years, and should the Lord tarry, some exciting new initiatives that we are looking forward to in the very near future.

Writing Ministry

  • Pastor Gilley serves as the author and editor of our monthly publication, Think on These Things. In the future, we hope to include other excellent material by various contributing authors.
  • At present we have subscribers to out publication in 46 states and 18 countries.
  • Over the past few years the ministry has added valuable support staff and has developed an excellent team of editors and advisors.
  • Pastor Gilley has written two best-selling books, “I Just Wanted More Land”—Jabez and This Little Church Went to Market.
  • “I Just Wanted More Land”—Jabez was subsequently translated into Romanian and was mentioned in feature articles in TIME Magazine and Christianity Today.
  • This Little Church Went to Market will soon be reprinted by Evangelical Press and plans are in place for it to be translated into Portuguese, French, Russian and Chinese.
  • Evangelical Press is slated to publish Pastor Gilley’s third book entitled, This Little Church Stayed Home. The release date for this new book is scheduled for this Fall.
  • Conservative Christian periodicals like Personal Freedom Outreach Journal, Evangelical Times and The Voice Magazine have also recently published, or are soon publishing, articles by Pastor Gilley.
  • Pastor Gilley now participates with a major book website:, which contains hundreds of book reviews of Christian books.
Pat Lane
Patricia Lane, Proof Reader
Pat Lane did her graduate work at Multnomah Biblical Seminary and currently lives in Grass Valley, CA where she manages a Christian bookstore. She has a passion for grammar and punctuation, and although she has never met Pastor Gilley, she graciously proofs many of our publications.


Bible Conference Ministry

  • Several years ago, we made the commitment to begin hosting a series of annual Bible Conferences. Each year the ministry now hosts a Winter Women’s Conference, a Spring Men’s Conference, and in the Fall, our Think on These Things Bible Conference. Over the years we have had the great privilege of sitting under the teaching ministry of men like Dr. Richard Mayhue, Dr. James White, Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Gil Rugh, among others. We look forward to having Dr. Rick Holland & Dr. Dan Green with us this Fall and Steve Camp next Spring.
  • Through our conference ministry, we have enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with men and women from all over the Midwest.
TOTT Display


Multimedia Ministry

  • In 2004, we began producing our Think on These Things television program on the Central Illinois Public Access Channel. The program features Pastor Gilley’s expository teaching from the Word of God in an informal setting. The program has been well received by the community and is increasing in viewership.
SVC Sign


  • The website continues to receive a tremendous amount of activity and that activity has led to an increasing amount of questions and correspondence for the ministry. We desire to be a trusted resource for our subscribers and are working hard at meeting the ever increasing e-mail demand.
  • While our two website addresses ( & will ultimately take you to the same website, we have experienced an increase in web activity since audio recordings of our Sunday AM sermons have been placed on-line.

Web Stats for the month of April 2005:

Successful Hits for the Entire Site 216,502
Visits 12,600
Unique Visitors 5,053
Average Visits Per Day 420
  • The ministry will soon be making available audio and video recordings of our Bible conferences via the website.

Preaching & Teaching Ministry

  • Pastor Gilley receives a number of requests each year to speak at various conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad. While his primary desire and responsibility is to be in the pulpit of Southern View Chapel, the elders of the church have recognized the need for him to fulfill a limited number of speaking requests each year.
  • He has had the recent privilege of ministering at conferences in Brazil, Hawaii, South Dakota, Minnesota and Missouri.
Pastor Gary Gilley


Other Related Ministries

  • Our ministry is currently in discussions with various conservative Bible colleges about the possibility of opening an extension center here in Springfield. We would offer accredited coursework in Bible and theology.
  • As an exciting result of the ministry’s library of Book Reviews, Pastor Gilley has been recently asked by several Christian publishing houses to serve as a primary reviewer of their new book proposals.

We want to thank you, our readers, for your great encouragement to us over these past ten years as we strive together to honor the one true and living God with the resources He has entrusted to us. It is our true desire to accurately teach and defend the timeless truths of the inerrant, inspired and infallible Word of God. You are all treasured friends in Christ!


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