The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney

While never mentioning directly the hyper-charismatic “revivals” modeled by Toronto and Brownsville, this book nevertheless is of the same genre. Tenney is a God chaser and he wants us to be also. By that he means we should experience the “manifest presence of God” just as the Old Testament Israelites experienced the Shekinah Glory. God’s presence should fall on us (often in cloud form) in such a way that His presence overwhelms us, driving us to uncontrollable weeping (even in the parking lot before anything about God is considered), trance-like states and direct communication from Him. The “old dusty” truths found in Scripture are of limited value, we are told, what we need is new truth as revealed by the presence of God today.

This book is an absolute joke. The wonder is that such books continue to be written and continue to grip the hearts of many who claim to be Christians. Tenney promises that we are at the threshold of a new era when God’s presence will be so evident that even those walking through the mall will be overpowered, repent on the spot and weep over their sins. Twenty years from now when none of these things have happened what will Tenney say? He will of course find a scapegoat, but the truth is that this man is a con-artist. How sad so few today have the ability to discern truth from error.

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