The Gagging of God by D. A. Carson

The subtitle to this massive book details the author’s thesis – “Christianity Confronts Pluralism.” Carson documents how God is being gagged (silenced), both in our society and in the church, through the acceptance of pluralism and postmodernism. The reader is given far more than they ever wanted to know or could possibly retain about every subject related to the basic argument. Topics covered include the new hermeneutics, the felt-need gospel (along with the market-driven church), secularism, presuppositional vs. evidential apologetics, selfism, God’s sovereignty, inclusivism, Hell, Outcome Based Education, the changing definition of evangelicalism, modern mysticism, just to highlight some of the more important subjects.

The Gagging of God is an important work that should be read by serious Christian leaders. I won’t pretend to have understood everything that Carson wrote, but I understand more than I understood before, and that is a good thing, if you understand what I mean.

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