The Family at Church, Listening to Sermons and Attending Prayer Meetings,by Joel R. Beeke (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2008), 80 pp., paper $5.40.

This book has been recommended by Ken Ramey in his book <em>Expository Listening</em> as a virtual goldmine, but I did not find it so. While there were
some helpful insights and advice, overall it was dated and far too linked to the Reformed traditions to be of significant value to those not in lock-step
with those traditions. As evidence, in the 66 pages of actual text there were 66 references to Calvin, Spurgeon or the Puritans. There were far more
references to this group and their opinions than to Scripture, which was often used out of context (see pp. 34, 41).

The second half of the volume was devoted to prayer meetings. Here Beeke has in mind primarily the mid-week style of prayer meeting, for which he offers
not only encouragement to have such but even rules for how they are to be conducted (pp. 67-72). While this reviewer believes strongly in corporate prayer,
we must be careful not to canonize a particular style or method as the exclusive or primary way corporate prayer is to be conducted. Overall, I found this
little book disappointing.

Review by Gary E. Gilley, Senior Pastor, Southern View Chapel

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