The Call of the Wild / The Sea-Wolf by Jack London

The Call of the Wild is far too well known to need review. If you like adventure stories with animals as lead characters few have surpassed London, his best being The Call of the Wild (with White Fang a close second). The Sea-wolf is almost as good as London’s animal stories, and of a similar genre. Just replace Buck (the dog) with Wolf Larson (the sea captain); Alaska with the sea; the dog sled with the ship; wild, vile, one-step-out-of-the-wild dogs with wild, vile, one-step-out-of-the-wild men; add a sissy-boy with a sophisticated woman and you have the recipe for The Sea-wolf . It is an engaging sea story more interesting than Moby Dick and in the same league as Mutiny on the Bounty.

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