The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James

Written at the turn of the twentieth century, James’ famous work remains a classic and standard in the field of religious experiences. James approaches his subject from the realm of science as a psychologist, not as a Christian. His objective is to detail, analyze and evaluate the various experiences found commonly in all religions. James […]

The Father’s Blessing by John Arnott

It has been called “the Toronto Blessing” and “the Laughing Revival” by its friends and various other things by its foes. Whatever it is called, it all began on January 20, 1994 at a church called the Toronto Airport Vineyard, pastored by John Arnott. Arnott believes that God is throwing a great party and six […]

Preparing the Way by Cal Pierce

Preparing the Way is the account of reopening the so-called “Healing Rooms” in Spokane, Washington. The healing rooms were originally the ministry of John G. Lake in the early twentieth century. Lake claimed that thousands of miraculous healings took place in those rooms as the Spirit of God swept over Spokane. For 80 years the […]

Pagans in the Pews by Peter Jones

In this carefully researched and documented book (there are hundreds of footnotes), Jones builds a case for a new spirituality invading not only society but the church as well. This new spirituality is really not new at all, however; it is the revival of ancient Gnosticism. Gnosticism, which had its roots in the mystery religions […]

No Laughing Matter by Larry Thomas

This is a surprisingly good little book on the so-called “Laughing Revival,” especially in light of the fact that the author himself is a Pentecostal. While Thomas does not totally break free from the errors of the Pentecostal movement (he believes the sign gifts are still operative today) he nevertheless takes a strong biblical approach […]

Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn

Good Morning, Holy Spirit was the best selling Christian book in the world a few years ago, which says more than I care to know about the state of the so-called evangelical church today. This is a semi-autobiographical look at the life of Benny Hinn, the popular Word of Faith evangelist. Along the way Hinn […]

For Many Shall Come in My Name by Ray Yungen

Yungen has done vast research into what is commonly called the New Age movement—“The age of Aquarius, supposedly the Golden Age, when man becomes aware of his power and divinity” (p. 108). The New Age movement, which came to the surface of our awareness in the 1970s, is a fusing of Eastern and Western thinking. […]

Counterfeit Revival by Hank Hanegraaff

Hanegraaff has done a great job exposing the “counterfeit revivalists” within the Christian church. He pulls no punches, names names (in case you miss the point), documents like crazy, and lets no one off the hook. Along the way you get a solid history lesson on all three “waves” of the Spirit this century (Pentecostal, […]

Beyond Belief by Elaine Pagels

Elaine Pagels is considered one of the leading authorities in the world on Gnosticism. Her earlier work, The Gnostic Gospels has been a standard reference on the subject for over twenty five years. In Beyond Belief, Pagels personalizes her journal, detailing her Christian roots, followed by disappointment with Christianity and her resulting interest in the […]

A Time of Departing by Ray Yungen

Ray Yungen has written a very valuable book exposing the encroachment of New Age mysticism upon the evangelical church. Through the porthole of “contemplative prayer” numerous Christian leaders (e.g. Richard Foster, Brennan Manning, Henri Nouwen, etc.) are calling us back to the desert Catholic mystics of the Middle Ages for a deeper level of spirituality. […]