Does Doctrine Matter Anymore?

(Volume 22, Issue 3, May/June 2016) A recent front page article featured in our local (Springfield, Illinois) newspaper was entitled “Mega-Growth.” The article described the phenomenal numerical increase of three of the largest churches in our area. What is it about these churches that have sparked their growth? Why are people flocking to these churches rather than […]

The Holy Spirit’s Witness

(Volume 21, Issue 4 Jul/Aug 2015) I have written a number of articles, even a book or two, [1] challenging “Christian” mysticism which is so prevalent in evangelical circles today. What do I mean by mysticism? John MacArthur’s definition of a mystic is helpful: “The mystic disdains rational understanding and seeks truth instead through the […]

The Image of God

(October 2014 – Volume 20, Issue 5) Author: Shaun Lewis The Portland Vase was an exquisite discovery near Rome in the late sixteenth century. An artisan had crafted the vase during the reign of Tiberius Caesar (AD 14-37). After many generations, it eventually passed from memory. Rome fell, and the Dark Ages came with the […]

The Crossless Gospel – Part 2

(April/May 2011 – Volume 17, Issue 2) In the first paper on the “Crossless Gospel” I identified four distinct positions taken by evangelicals in regard to the gospel.  These four schools of thought have much in common but disagree on important points.  The “Gospel is the Kingdom” view is the idea that the gospel is […]

The Crossless Gospel – Part 1

(February/March 2011 – Volume 17, Issue 1) It is a bit unsettling to realize two millennia after the coming of our Savior to earth that His followers are still debating the content of the gospel, the good news, which He came to bring.  This is not to say that there is not a degree of […]

Atonement Wars – Part 2

(December 2010/January 2011 – Volume 16, Issue 6) In Part one of “The Atonement Wars” a number of atonement theories having found favor at various points in church history were explained.  These included the moral influence theory, Christus Victor and the Ransom to Satan theory.  While I reject the last of these theories, the other […]

Atonement Wars – Part 1

(October/November 2010 – Volume 16, Issue 5) When Steve Chalk and Brian McLaren accused evangelicals who believed in the substitutionary death of Christ of embracing a form of Divine child abuse,[1] Christians everywhere did a double-take.  Having sung with gusto for years that great line penned by Charles Wesley, “Amazing love, how can it be […]

Discernment Ministry – A Biblical Defense

(October/November 2009 – Volume 15, Issue 6) We live in an environment in which it is most difficult to stand for the faith.  Not only will those who attempt to be on the front lines of discernment face the guns of those in opposition, but they may be hit by “friendly fire” as well.  For […]

Turning to God – Part 2

(December 2000 – Volume 6, Issue 12) As I began a long walk, I realized that a small rock was in my shoe. I could either continue to walk without removing the rock, live with the irritation and possibly rub a blister on my foot, or I could remove the rock. Repentance has become that […]

Turning to God – Part 1

(November 2000 – Volume 6, Issue 11) Confusion! The understanding that salvation is the result of God’s grace alone, received through faith alone in Christ alone, was the cornerstone of the Reformation and is universally recognized by all true Fundamental/evangelical Christians. Nevertheless, all aspects of this trifold pronouncement of solas are under attack today within […]