The Rise of Evangelicalism by Mark A. Noll

The Rise of Evangelicalism is the first in a series of five volumes dealing with the history of evangelicalism since the Great Awakening. Each volume will be authored by a different scholar and should be a valuable tool toward the understanding of recent church history in Great Britain and North America. In this particular volume […]

The Quest for Revival by Ron McIntosh

The thesis of this book, written by a Pentecostal evangelist with strong ties to Oral Roberts, is that we can learn much, and be empowered by, the revivals of the past. The “revivals” that McIntosh has in mind, however, are the healing revivals of the twentieth century, principally those of the 1940s and 50s. The […]

The Fundamentalist Movement 1930-1956 by Louis Gasper

Gasper has written a very useful and accurate description of the early years of the Fundamentalist movement spanning from the Fundamentalist-Modernists Controversy to the raise of evangelist Billy Graham. This volume explains well the issues, personalities, divisions, and evolution of the first three decades of Fundamentalism. It certainly filled in a lot of gaps in […]

The Awakening in Wales by Jessie Penn-Lewis

Jessie Penn-Lewis was one of the major players during the Welsh Revival of 1904. While still in the wake of that movement, Penn-Lewis writes this account to chronicle what she believes was an incredible working of the Holy Spirit. In our day many look back on the Welsh Revival with awe, believing that it was […]

So Great Salvation by Charles G. Finney

So Great Salvation is a collection of evangelistic sermons by the famous nineteenth century revivalist Charles Finney. As might be expected his passion for the lost is clearly demonstrated. Unfortunately, Finney is not a careful student of Scripture and his sloppy exegesis is apparent throughout the book. Finney was well known for his promotion of […]

Puritans and Calvinism by Peter Toon

There are six characteristics of a true Puritan according to our author: a commitment to the Bible as the Word of God; a commitment to Reformed theology (not necessarily 5-point Calvinism); a desire for a reformed, national Church of England; a belief in the necessity of personal regeneration; a need of reformation at the national, […]

Josephus, the Essential Works by Paul L. Maier

The historical accounts of ancient Jewish history written by Flavius Josephus have long been recognized as invaluable resources to those wanting to understand biblical times. Josephus is undoubtedly the most reliable (but not infallible) extrabiblical author of Jewish antiquity. He lived during the first century, having been born shortly after the time of Jesus. He […]

Fire on the Altar by Noel Gibbard

Fire on the Altar is a brief historical account of the 1904-05 Welsh Revival. The Welsh Revival is of particular interest because it is considered by many to be the last great evangelical revival in the Western world. Many today desire and pray for this very kind of revival. So what was it like? Was […]

Defence of the Truth by Michael Haykin

This is a marvelous little book (only 129 pages) which introduces the reader to some of the early Christian defenders of the faith and at the same time, details the formal recognition of many essential doctrines we hold dear today. Some of the key characters found in Haykin’s book include those we term the “Church […]