The Rebirth of Latin American Christianity by Todd Hartch

Christianity is on the rise in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and in decline in Europe and North America (pp. XIII-XIV, 1). But what form of Christianity has emerged in Latin America and what has shaped it during the past 60 years? Answering these questions is the mission of Todd Hartch’s book. Hartch believes that […]

The Book of Books, The Radical Impact of the King James Bible 1611-2011 by Melvyn Bragg (Great Britain: Hodder & Stoughton 2011), 347 pp., hardback 18.99

Bragg has written a fascinating book describing the development, importance and influence of the King James Bible.  The first several chapters deal with the translation of the KJV, especially detailing the debt owed to William Tyndale.  A very nice overview of Tyndale’s life is given (pp. 12ff) and reference is made to approximately 80% of […]

Learning Theology with the Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall

This volume is the second in a three book series dealing directly with the writings of the church fathers.  The first in the set is Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers and the final is Praying with the Church Fathers. For an individual to be considered a father of the church he had to meet […]

Without Sin, the Life and Death of the Oneida Community by Spencer Klaw

Klaw has written a very informational book describing one of the most intriguing religious experiments in history.  In the wake of the revivalism of the so-called Second Great Awakening in America some 40 utopian societies were founded.  Almost all of these (Brook Farm being a notable exception) were spiritual communities, many looking for, or attempting […]

Who are the Puritans? by Erroll Hulse

This is a wonderful primer on the life and beliefs of the early English Puritans. The book is broken into thee parts. Part 1 gives a brief history of the Puritan movement. Part 2 contains a great number of short biographies of the prominent Puritans. This is an invaluable resource. The final part deals with […]

When the Fire Fell by R. Maurice Smith

The last great revival in the Western world recognized by non-charismatics was the Welsh Revival of 1904. Many longingly look back to that “outpouring of the Spirit of God” and cry out to God for something similar today. With this in mind I have recently begun a study of the Welsh Revival, this being one […]

Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism by George M. Marsden

Marsden lays out the thesis of his book in its opening sentence: “This book provides an overview of the history of American fundamentalism and evangelicalism plus interpretations of some important themes.” As promised, much of the book (part one) is an excellent historical account of the origins and development of both the fundamental and evangelical […]

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