Hell’s Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort

There is really no secret in Comfort’s, “best kept secret”. Preach the Law and repentance before you present grace is standard fodder among those in the Reformed tradition. But among the revivalists and easy-believe advocates, getting a person lost before they get them saved is truly a missing piece of the gospel message. Comfort rightly […]

Hedges by Jerry Jenkins

Jenkins is a gifted story teller and in Hedges he makes ample use of this talent. The book is a breeze to read, humorous, open, honest and unpretentious. Jenkins’ concern is how to combat moral impurity in the life of Christians, particularly men. His solution is to plant “hedges,” i.e. rules, boundaries, and practical safeguards, […]

Hearing God’s Voice by Henry and Richard Blackaby

Hearing God’s Voice is virtually a rehash of Henry Blackaby’s earlier work, Experiencing God. The thesis of both books is that “God created us for fellowship with him. He desires an intimate, personal relationship with us, so he will speak to us” (p. 15)! It is the last phrase of the above quotation which has […]

Halftime by Bob Buford

Halftime is one of those useless books that unfortunately becomes popular in the Christian community. The concept is not without merit – how to live the second half of life. The thesis however is not how to live in godliness but how to go from success (in the first half of life) to significance (in […]

God Talk by Ruth A. Tucker

God Talk is a daring, in-your-face confrontation with popular experiential Christianity. At every turn today, believers are being told to listen to the voice of God (either externally or internally), that the Bible is God’s frozen Word and must be supplemented by fresh words spoken to the individuals, that experience can be placed on a […]

Future Grace by John Piper

Piper likes to shock. He makes statements, and creates phrases (e.g. Christian hedonism) that unravels his readers. His goal is to get our attention and provide a basis for changing the way we think. It works, but it also confuses. While I appreciate much of what Piper says, I have found that his readers interpret […]

Fresh Encounter by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King

Fresh Encounter is not as interesting, shocking or well written as the initial effort, Experiencing God, by these same two authors. Written in short, choppy sentences in a relatively simple style, full of Scripture (remarkably almost all misused) Fresh Encounter is sure to draw rave reviews from the many today who see revival as the […]

Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart by Stu Weber

A few years ago the Promise Keepers officially endorsed the Masculine Journey by Robert Hicks, who drawing upon writings of a secular psychologist taught that men go through six stages of life. Promise Keepers after receiving heavy fire for the Masculine Journey due to its many unbiblical teachings and for its extreme, even raw discussion […]

Foolproofing Your Life by Jan Silvious

Reading this book at the request of another pastor, who blamed it for some problems his church, was going through, I was fully prepared to run into a hornet nest of strange and dangerous teachings. I was pleasantly surprised to find this not to be the case. That is not to say that there were […]

Fool’s Gold by General Editor: John MacArthur

Written by John MacArthur and seven staff members of Grace Community Church, Fool’s Gold? is devoted to the matter of discernment. Some of the more popular deceptions littering modern evangelicalism are identified and examined in light of Scripture including: The Purpose-Driven Life, Wild at Heart, contemporary Christian music and the New Perspective. These issues, and […]