Onward, Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel by Russell Moore

Onward was Christianity Today’s 2015 “Book of the Year.” It is written by Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and a rising star in both the SBC and in evangelicalism. Onward, in essence, is an overview analysis of our times and especially of the Christian subculture. […]

He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer

He That Is Spiritual is a classic book on spirituality that has shaped the Christian community’s thinking for almost 100 years. Much solid teaching on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how it applies to the believer is found on its pages. Chafer devotes a chapter each to the filling of the Spirit, not […]

The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick

This book’s origin is found in the Christian movie Courageous. For those inspired by the movie to be men of God, or even for those having never seen the film, The Resolution of Men provides a helpful tool to place into practice certain resolves that characterize the man who follows Christ. The opening words set […]

Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart by J. D. Greear

Many Christians lack the assurance of their salvation, either as a result of faulty teaching, their own personal sins, confusion about saving faith, or a combination of all of these and more. Pastor J. D. Greear has struggled with the same doubts and writes this little volume to help others who are dealing with similar […]

What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality? by Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung has written this book to provide a biblical defense of the traditional understanding of homosexuality by Christians for 2000 years (p. 15). The book seeks to answer the following question: “Is homosexual activity a sin that must be repented of, forsaken, and forgiven, or, given the right context and commitment, can we consider […]

Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor, Being Friends in Grace & Truth by Glenn T. Stanton

Glenn Stanton is on staff with Focus on the Family and as part of his ministry conducts lectures and debates on gender and sexuality. He is well equipped, both doctrinally and practically, to intellectually write a book on homosexuality and the church. He, as well as Focus, is 100% committed to the biblical view of […]

Hearing God, Developing a Conversational Relationship With God

Hearing God was previously published by Regal (1984), then by Harper (1993), and finally InterVarsity (1999) under the title of In Search of Guidance.  This updated and expanded edition is published under the Formatio wing of InterVarsity Press which offers numerous books promoting spiritual formation and “Christian” mysticism.  At the heart of both spiritual formation […]

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