Integrating Exegesis and Exposition by Dr. Christopher Cone

The latest book by Dr. Christopher Cone is a presentation that stems from an essential drive that ought to be possessed by all believers — that of allowing the Scriptures to have unfettered, unhindered access to their lives for the purpose of spiritual change / growth. Citing Romans 12:1-2, Dr. Cone demonstrates in the opening […]

How to Interpret the Bible for Yourself by Richard Mayhue

This is an excellent little study on basic hermeneutics and Bible study methods. It is filled with good suggestions and ideas, and written on a level that most readers could readily understand and apply. Dr. Mayhue is the Dean of The Master’s Seminary and as such is used to dealing with heavy theological issues. Yet, […]

Warfield on the Christian Life, Living in the Light of the Gospel by Fred G. Zaspel

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield was among the greatest theological minds ever produced in America (some compare him favorably with Jonathan Edwards), yet he has lost favor in our postmodern era. He was one of the famous “old Princeton” theologians, along with Charles Hodge, A. A. Hodge and J. Gresham Machen, and taught at Princeton from 1873-1921, […]

The Word of God in English by Leland Ryken

Leland Ryken is a professor of English at Wheaton College and a well-known literary critic and scholar. His interest in the translation of Scripture into English was enriched and heightened when he served on the translation committee for the English Standard Version. He writes, “On the basis of that inquiry, I ended with a belief […]

A Word for the Day by J.D. Watson

Most “devotional” books and booklets function like spiritual vitamins – take one a day and you will feel better. But neither vitamin pills nor devotional books were ever meant to replace balanced diets; they are meant to be supplements. Hence, most devotional material is light on doctrine, designed to give the reader a spiritual lift […]

What on Earth Is God Doing? by Renald E. Showers

This book provides a biblical answer and reveals Satan’s counterfeit to the three major worldview questions: Where have we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? (p. 128). The Lord has a plan and a goal for all of His creation, and it is these that Satan makes every attempt to thwart. […]

The Voice of Luke, Not Even Sandals by Brian McLaren

The Voice of Luke is part of “The Voice Project” sponsored by the Ecclesia Bible Society. The project is derived from the concept that people today think, and therefore, need to read differently. “Instead of propositional-thought patterns, people today are more likely to interact with events and individuals through complex observations involving emotions, cognitive processes, […]

The Trinity, a Journal And Historic Creeds, a Journal by Kenneth Boa

Ken Boa, who received a master’s degree in Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, as well as doctoral degrees from New York University and the University of Oxford, is president of Reflections Ministries as well as Trinity House Publishers. He is the author of several books including four journals in the Reflections series, all published […]

Translating Truth by Wayne Grudem, Leland Ryken, C. John Collins, Vern S. Poythress, Bruce Winter

Translating Truth is a defense of the “essentially literal” (“word-for-word”) approach to biblical translation as opposed to the “dynamic equivalent” or “thought-for-thought” renderings. Each of the five contributors was part of the Translation Oversight Committee for the English Standard Version, an essentially literal translation published in 2001. The first chapter, by Wayne Grudem, is extremely […]

Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament, A Book by Book Survey by Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Ed. (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2008), 336 pp., paper $12.99

If you happen to own Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible you have the same book in a different format. Each Old Testament book is addressed by a different author who provides background information, overviews the theological message, discusses its place in the canon and its historic interpretation, and provides various insights. The volume […]