Still Waters by W. Phillip Keller

Warning! This book may be hazardous to your peace of mind. I picked up Still Waters thinking that it would be a devotional work along the line of the author’s famous and excellent, A Shepherd Looks at the Twenty Third Psalm, but quickly realized that this was a totally different kind of book. Still Waters is the account of Keller’s and his second wife’s escape from the noise, busyness and rush of modern society. They bought a comfortable cabin in a beautiful wooded area beside a small lake, where they explore and enjoy all the aspects of this life of quietness and solitude. Keller details these wonders in chapters filled with the glories of nature. This book is not about God or Christian living as such; it is about rest and quiet. On the positive side it is well written and interesting. On the negative it creates a great longing to find such a place (at least it did for me). Keller may have found rest at Still Waters (the name given his retreat) but I became restless reading it.