Sola Scriptura by Don Kistler, General Editor

Written by a team of biblical scholars and teachers, Sola Scriptura speaks of what may very well be the most important issue facing the church today—the authority of Scripture.

Unless the reader misunderstands the issue, the lead article by W. Robert Godfrey defines Sola Scriptura. James White documents that Sola Scriptura was the belief of the early church in chapter 2. In chapter 3, R. C. Sproul reviews the historical establishment of the Canon. John Armstrong follows up with the authority of Scripture, and in the process identified the challengers to this authority. If Scripture is authoritative it must also be sufficient which is John MacArthur’s point in his article. Sinclair Ferguson demonstrates that while there have been some adjustments within Roman Catholic circles, nothing has fundamentally changed there. Scripture is still overruled by Tradition and the Church of Rome. The final chapter reminds us of the transforming power of Scripture.

Sola Scriptura is a fine primer on the greatness of the Word of God.

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