Selected Shorter Writings of Benjamin B. Warfield by John E. Meeter, Editor

This is an excellent introduction to the writings of the famous Princeton professor who passed away in 1921. B. B. Warfield was perhaps the premier Reformed theologian of his time, and his influence is still being felt today. This particular volume is a collection of Warfield’s articles on a wide variety of subjects, from vital doctrinal issues to biographies of important Christian leaders. As with any such collection, the selections are uneven; many being very salubrious, others of little value, and a few quite disturbing (the chapter on the Sabbath, for example).

If one wished to understand the Reformed position on any given topic, Warfield would be a good starting place. He writes clearly, but not superficially. The chapters on foundational doctrinal truths such as propitiation, repentance, the Trinity, Christ’s resurrection, the church, and so forth are excellent. On the other hand, his defense of infant baptism (pp. 328ff) is weak, but at least gives the reader an understanding into the Reformed logic on the subject. Warfield’s chapters dealing with eschatology were equally weak (pp. 348-362). The defense of his positions actually reinforced my own pre-tribulational views, which I am sure was not his intent.

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