Sandy, a Heart for God by Leighton Ford

Sandy, the eldest son of evangelist Leighton Ford, seemed to be on his way to a promising life of usefulness and service for the Lord. But in God’s wisdom He chose to take this young man home following heart surgery. This is the story of Sandy’s short life as told through a father’s words. That being the case, one is somewhat surprised at the frankness of the account. Ford does not paint his son as the perfect boy with all of his ducks in a row. While he firmly believed that Sandy had a heart for God he had plenty of “warts” including a bad temper and at times a strained relationship with his mom.

Sandy, a Heart for God is a quick look into the life, and death, of one young man who wanted to walk with God. It will probably make you cry. But hopefully it will make you consider your own walk with Him. The epilogue alone, containing Leighton’s meditation of the death of his son, is worth the price of the book.

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