Salvation Bible Basics by Doug Hammett

I have been searching for a good lesson plan on evangelistic home Bible studies. One often reliable source recommended this study, but I was deeply disappointed immediately when the first chapter was used to teach the Ten Commandments. The author, who is a Baptist, and would probably claim to be a dispensationalist, takes the Reformed/Covenant position that the Old Testament Law was divided into three parts – civil, ceremonial, and moral. The first two parts have been repealed, but not the moral aspect of the Law, which we are under today. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding of the believer’s relationship with the Law. The next three chapters got better but I felt the book, while perhaps useful to the believer thinking about witnessing, was too long, too redundant and too confusing to be of much help in evangelizing the lost. My search for a helpful study on this subject continues.

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