Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate by Matthew Waymeyer

In Revelation 20 Waymeyer carefully analyzes the debate circling around the events described in Revelation 20. The positions of amillennialism, post-millennialism and premillennialism are all presented in clear and understandable form drawn from primary sources. He ultimately defends and supports the premillennial view and does it well.

Particular issues addressed include the time of Satan’s binding, the nature of the first resurrection, whether the thousand years are literal or symbolic, the nature of Christ’s kingdom reign, Satan’s final battle and the Great White Throne judgment.

The format of the book is a bit unusual. As Waymeyer admits it reads much like a syllabus because that is essentially what it is. This was originally material developed in a seminar and taught to Bible college students. Yet, while unusual, the outline format actually is quite conducive to clarity on the subject. One other choice was to place extensive footnotes at the end of the book. These notes, often developed some of Waymeyer’s most important material and are germane to the arguments. For me personally, I would rather have seen the explanatory notes incorporated into the text and the reference notes placed at the bottom of the page. This would have saved constant flipping from the text to the notes. Another problem with this format is that many (most) people tend to skip footnotes. To do so with Revelation 20 would be to miss much valuable material.

The stylistic issue is debatable but the value of this little book is not. This is an absolute excellent resource from a premillennial perspective. It gives the reader helpful information on other positions while handily defending premillennialism—all in a little over one hundred pages. I recommend it highly.