Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism by Douglas R. McLachlan

The author clearly outlines the direction and purpose of this book in the Preface, and I believe he succeeded in what he set out to accomplish.

We begin our task by defining the hindrances to a balanced Fundamentalism and identifying those ingredients which have prohibited authenticity in its super-structure.  Following that we continue with a discussion of four key areas of ministry, which, if understood properly and fleshed out biblically, could enable us to take a giant step toward reclaiming an authentic variety of Fundamentalism.  These areas have to do with servant leadership, urgent evangelism, expository preaching, and Christian separation.  Finally, we close with a call for Biblical revival, the ultimate solution to the ills which face any community of believers in Jesus Christ.

McLachlan warns of many pitfalls facing Fundamentalism, deals with important issues and biblical texts, such as 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 (pp. 126-132), and offers much guidance and wisdom along the way.  The book is a bit dated however.  The copyright gives the date of publication as 2002 but this work must predate that by about a decade.  The most recent footnote is 1993 and the newest resource in the Bibliography 1993 as well.  Two observations can be drawn from the fact that the material is approximately 25 years old.  First, while time and personalities change, the Scriptures do not.  They are timeless and their teaching always up-to-date.  Secondly, apparently concerned Fundamentalists were having the same discussions a quarter century ago, complete with the same worries and warnings.  This is worth consideration both for those who minimize the issues, and for the alarmist who are always seeing the sky falling.

Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism by Douglas R. McLachlan (self-published, 2002) 166 pp. plus ix, paper $4.75 & up

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-teacher, Southern View Chapel.

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