Psychology Debunked by Lisa and Ryan Bazler

The main author of this book, Lisa Bazler, is a trained psychotherapist, who after receiving Christ began to discover gaping incompatibilities between psychology and Scripture. This ultimately led to her leaving the world of psychotherapy and to expose its error to others. Psychology Debunkedis an attempt to do actually that—and she does it well.

Those well-versed in the anti-psychology literature, which traces its roots back to at least the early writings of Jay Adams, will find little new here. The value of the work for them will be in the review of what they already know. So the real strength of the book will be for those just exploring these issues and in need of a clear, straight-forward, easy to read “debunking” of psychology’s claims. Psychology Debunked will be one of the first books that I will hand to such people.

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