Precious Truths in Practice, Holding Fast to God When You Are Overwhelmed

Certain biblical truths are like load-bearing walls in a house. Remove such walls and the ceiling collapses and, similarly, remove essential doctrines and Christianity crumbles. Martha Peace, recognizing this fact, has written a clear, concise and readable book, which emphasizes nine truths that are both necessary for the Christian life, and precious to the child of God, especially as they navigate through the difficulties of life.

Peace writes a chapter each on God’s revelation, goodness, love, holiness, sovereignty, wisdom, mercy, and essence (the Trinity). She concludes with three chapters on salvation, addressing the issues of justification, sanctification, and glorification. Each chapter is full of scriptural references and quotes and each concludes with a chart contrasting false views with biblical truth. In her chapter on sanctification, Peace lists sixteen biblical principles on true holiness. Had she chosen to do so, the author could have expanded this section into numerous additional chapters, or even another book.

Precious Truths is valuable for the individual reader, but is probably most useful as a source for a women’s Bible study, where each chapter could be carefully explored.

by Martha Peace (Bemidji, MN: Focus Publishing, 2019), 146 pp., paper $14.95

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Southern View Chapel

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