Planning Your Life God’s Way, Practical Help from the Bible for Making Decisions

The stated purpose for the book is “to equip you to improve your skill at making biblically-based, Christ-honoring decisions” (p. 184). I believe the author, a missionary to the Philippines with Gospel Fellowship Association, has achieved his goal. Planning Your Life God’s Way is a very readable, Bible-soaked and practical guide for decision making. Berrey avoids the usual pitfalls in such books by downplaying impressions (pp. 98-107), (although not quite enough for this reviewer) (pp. 100-102). Rather, he directs the reader to the Word of God (p. 43) to discover why God made him or her (p. 34). He warns that we cannot be everything (p. 36) or someone else (p. 39), but God has designed each of us uniquely for a specific purpose. He calls this our Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Course of life (pp. 29-31, 63). We will discover God’s plan for our lives when we discover what God made us to do (p. 34).

It will require a surrendered body and a transformed mind to make such a discovery (pp. 49-57). Following this process will necessitate rejecting wrong methods of using Scripture (pp. 78-81), adopting right methods (pp. 82-90), and applying general principles derived from the Scriptures (pp. 90-94). In addition, we should pray for wisdom, obeying whatever wisdom God gives us, and doing our part to gather whatever information we might need (pp. 105-117). As we apply this wisdom, we should recognize that God may redirect us (p. 119). We should also seek wise counsel from others (p. 142). “Open doors” are often misused by many, but Berrey addresses them well, pointing out that open doors are not always to be entered and can even be traps of Satan (p. 126-137).

The author calls on his readers to follow their hearts’ desires as long as their hearts are delighting in God (pp. 157-169). We should not be afraid to take a risk on occasion, and Berrey abhors wasting time (pp. 66, 104, 193), maybe even a bit to the extreme. He offers the “triangle of decision” as we assess our decisions: What does God say? What do others say? And who are you? (pp. 184-187) This triangle summarizes well the message of this book.

I believe Planning Your Life God’s Way is a most helpful volume for those seeking solid biblical guidance for living in the will of God.

by Timothy W. Berrey (, 2017), 202 pp., paper $12.99

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Southern View Chapel