One Foundation, Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture

One Foundation was published as a tribute to John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse Bible teaching for 50 Years. Thirteen authors each write a chapter, not in praise of MacArthur but in praise and defense of biblical inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and sufficiency.

R.C. Sproul writes the lead article providing foundational definitions and necessary background. Voddie Baucham follows with an excellent chapter on why we can believe the Bible. The Grace to You staff inserted a classic study by MacArthur himself, exegeting Psalm 19:7-9. They consider it, “the best discourse on the sufficiency of Scripture we have seen since the Puritan Era” (p. v). That might be a stretch but, nevertheless, it is an excellent exposition of the Psalm and its praise of God’s Word. I deeply appreciated Steven Lawson’s teaching on 2 Timothy 1:13 (pp. 91-104), and Mark Dever’s overview of Psalm 119 is a marvelous example of solid biblical teaching in broad strokes (pp. 105-123). Both Albert Mohler and Phil Johnson believe the preaching of God’s Word is the remedy to what ails humanity and Conrad Mbewe and Justin Peters warn of the danger and folly of keeping the door open to continued revelation.

One Foundation is an encouraging and insightful read extolling the excellencies of Scripture. Even those who already have a solid handle on the subject matter will find much to refresh their souls. And those who need more confidence in the Bible will find it within its covers.

One Foundation, Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture, Edited by Jeremiah Johnson (Grace to You, 2019), 199 pp & VI, hard $84.99


Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor/Teacher at Southern View Chapel

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