The Old Testament Scriptures contain 39 separate books written over a period of about a thousand years (1500-400 BC) by some 25 to 30 different authors. While each of these writings is important to study individually, there is great value in overviewing the entire collection, looking both for the unique contribution of each book and yet observing consistent themes that run throughout. These themes include the holiness, love and sovereignty of God, the defiance of sinful humanity, and the joy of obedience. The church has recognized a four-fold arrangement of the Old Testament: The Law (Genesis-Deuteronomy), History (Joshua-Esther), Poetry (Job-Song of Solomon) and Prophecy, with the Major Prophets being Isaiah through Daniel and the Minor Prophets being Hosea through Malachi.

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PowerPoint Part 5 (Hosea-Malachi)

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