No Laughing Matter by Larry Thomas

This is a surprisingly good little book on the so-called “Laughing Revival,” especially in light of the fact that the author himself is a Pentecostal. While Thomas does not totally break free from the errors of the Pentecostal movement (he believes the sign gifts are still operative today) he nevertheless takes a strong biblical approach to the bizarre manifestations and claims being made in many circles today.

You will find in No Laughing Matter a short history of revivals along with their link with today’s extreme Charismatic fringe, as well as with the Latter-Rain movement of the past. There are good appendixes on the subjects of being slain in the Spirit and identification of the “Jesus” with who people claim experiences.

A major drawback to the book is that it lacks footnotes and documentation for many statements, quotes, and claims. This renders the book rather useless for research, although every reference he used of which I had knowledge was accurate.

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