The New Testament Scriptures contain 27 individual books written by eight inspired authors (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter, Jude and the author of Hebrews). The first four books chronicle the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and are termed Gospels. Acts provides the early history of the church, while the 21 epistles are the inscripturated teachings of the Holy Spirit inspired apostles. The New Testament closes with the book of Revelation which primarily outlines prophetic events yet to be fulfilled. It is to the New Testament that we turn for the majority of church age truth. Each book should be studied in depth, but by surveying all the collection we get a “bird’s eye” view of the Lord’s great plan of redemption.

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PowerPoint Part 1 (Matthew-2 Corinthians)

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PowerPoint Part 3 (Hebrews-Revelation)

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