Lord Foulgrin’s Letters by Randy Alcorn

That Alcorn would even attempt to copy C. S. Lewis’ classic Screwtape Letters says something about the man’s courage and confidence. Alcorn does not ascend to Lewis’ level, perhaps no one ever will, but in truth he does a good job.

It is an intriguing approach to endeavor to view our lives from the vantage point of the demonic world. Usually we ask the question, “What is it that God desires?” But it may be almost as fruitful, and rather refreshing to query, “What would the Devil want?” If we could infiltrate the counsel of the demons what would be their plan for us? How would they try to twist truth? What would they do to keep us distracted from God? How would they present sin so as to make it most enticing? This is Alcorn’s and Lewis’ approach, and it has merit. As for Alcorn’s theology, based on this one book (the only one I have read by this author) it seems solid and well balanced. Alcorn gives the reader plenty to ponder, and that from an angle that few have considered.

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