Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

Left Behind is the first in a trilogy of novels dealing with the end times. Left Behind , written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, begins on the day that the Rapture takes place and concludes just as the Antichrist is about to assume power over the world. The story however, is wrapped around the lives of a handful of individuals who come face to face with the fact that the Rapture has occurred. Will they come to Christ, or be taken in by the false explanations for the disappearance of millions throughout the world. And if they come to the Lord, what will it cost them?

Left Behind is not classic literature but it is an interesting story, easy to read, and thought provoking (especially as we watch the how the Antichrist begins to deceive everyone around him). The book takes a pretribulational approach and views the book of Revelation literally. As fiction goes it is faithful to Scripture (in contrast to the fiction of Frank Peretti). It does make one strange comment implying that Mother Teresa was raptured. This is odd given the fact the book is supposed to be set several decades in the future and Mother Teresa was nearing death when the book was written (she has since died). But more importantly, we would think that LaHaye and Jenkins would recognize that Mother Teresa never received Christ by faith alone. She always clung to the works-salvation of the Roman Catholic Church. Outside of this glitch Left Behind is a fun weekend read.

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