Leading with Love,by Alexander Strauch (Littleton, Colorado: Lewis and Roth Publishers, 2006) 201 pp., paper $10.49.

The title of this book is actually  “A Christian Leader’s Guide to Leading With Love” but with few exceptions it is a guide to any believer seeking to walk and serve in love.  After demonstrating the indispensable nature of love in Part One (the first three chapters), Strauch dedicates Part Two (chapters 4-9) to an excellent study of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  The author carefully explores the characteristics of love given in this passage.  He is both biblically sound and practical, lacing the study with insight from over 30 years of ministry within the church.  This section is applicable to anyone, whether in leadership or not.  It could also serve as a wonderful tool in counseling, or as an aide in preparation for teaching on love. 

Part three (chapters 10-18) is entitled “The Works of a Loving Leader” and is more directly aimed at pastors, elders and others who are in leadership positions in the body of Christ.  However any Christian would benefit from what he would read in this section. 

Leading with Love is a wonderful resource.  It is simple, biblical, practical and Christ-honoring.  There are few, if any, unique discoveries to be found between its covers, but then much of Bible teaching is simply reminding us what we should already know (2 Peter 1:13).  I recommend this book whole-heartedly.

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