John Owen, the Man and His Theology Edited by Robert W. Oliver

John Owen is considered one of the greatest theologians of any era, yet until the reprinting of his Works in the mid 1960s few would have recognized his name (p. 72). John Owen, the Man and His Theology serves as a great introduction to this man and his influence on theological thought.

It is written by five scholars, each examining different facets of Owen’s life. Chapter one provides a brief biography while chapter two is an overview of Owen’s theology. The remaining four chapters deal with particular doctrines to which Owen devoted much attention: the person of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures (in reaction to the newly formed Quakers’ movement) and the church, respectively.

Owen thought deeply about and wrestled powerfully with these doctrines and he has left us much to ponder. This excellent little volume goes a long way toward demonstrating why he and his work are still studied over 300 years after his death.

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