Growing a Wise Family, 100 Devotionals from the Book of Proverbs by Bryan R. Coupland

Our congregation has recently been involved in a special emphasis on the family.  As our leadership has sought ways of helping and encouraging the parents within our flock to raise their children for Christ we were in search of some material to use for family instruction.  We did not want to use a catechism but struggled to discover other appropriate aids.  That is when Bryan Coupland’s book found its way into my study and our search was over.

The title is developed around 100 proverbs, each to be used in family instruction.  Each proverb is explained and well illustrated by the author.  At the end of each study three well chosen, age-appropriate discussion questions are provided.  The author then offers suggested answers to each question.

Bryan Coupland writes well.  He is interesting, biblical and creative.  I found his book easy to use and of real value.  He wrote the book with ten- to thirteen-year-olds in mind, but the material can be easily adapted to younger or older children.  For those looking for an aid to help teach their children the Word of God and engage them in things of the Lord Growing A Wise Family would be an excellent choice. 

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