God’s Lesser Glory by Bruce A. Ware

Open Theism is fast emerging as the most challenging and dangerous heresy of our age. While its roots can be found in classical Arminianism, Open Theism long ago left Arminianism in the dust. Although Arminianism teaches that man has a free will, which is in no way encumbered by the sovereign control of God, it has always taught that at least God foreknew the future. Open Theism denies this, claiming that even God cannot know the future. And, as a consequence, because God cannot know the future, God cannot know with complete accuracy what the future holds. God is therefore constantly at risk. He wants certain things to happen; He can work toward that end; but in reality God cannot be sure how life will turn out. The implications of such a theology should be obvious.

A number of books and articles are appearing to refute the Open position, but the best to date, by most accounts, is God’s Lesser Glory . Ware does a great job of presenting the Open view — carefully documenting this position. He then dismantles Open Theism philosophically, theologically, and most importantly biblically. This is a book that every careful student of Scripture, and lover of the glory of God, should read.

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